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Club Officers

The OU Club of Dallas' Officers and Board of Directors are elected by the active membership from a list submitted by the nominating committee, including any nominations from our membership. Board members meet once a month to conduct the Club's business. Board membership is limited to twenty-four or less Sooners (Alumni and Friends) willing to donate their time and resources to the advancement of our Club and OU's interests; our Officer and Board Member selection is governed by our Club Bylaws. Members wishing to be considered for the Board should contact the Current President indicating your interest.


 2017-2019 Board of Directors

 Jeremy Bradford:  Vice President - Communications 

 Scott Deatherege:  Vice President - Governance

 David Newman:  Activities Chairman

 Roy Nelson:  Membership Chairman

 Charnay Parks:  Assistant Scholarship Chairman

 Jonelle Pieterson

 Jeri Pitoniak:  Secretary

 Max Robinson:  Golf Chairman

 Cheron Rowe:  President 2017-2018

 Scott Rowe 

 Jesse Trevino:  Scholarship Chairman

 Jeff Wilson

 Erin Young  - Treasurer


 2014-2016 Board of Directors:

Rick Barton 

Steve Besley - VP Governance & Secretary

Jeremy Bradford 

Scott Deatherage 

David Newman 

Roy Nelson 

Charnay Parks 

Sarah Parsons - Scholarship

Jonelle Pieterson 

Jeri Pitoniak - President

Max Robinson - Golf Chairman

Cheron Rowe - VP Membership

Scott Rowe - Recording Secretary

Meghan Spencer 

Jesse Trevino - Assistant Scholarship

Jeff Wilson 

Erin Young - Treasurer



2012-2014 Board of Directors:

Rick Barton 

Steve Besley

Jeremy Bradford   

Scott Deatherage 

Kami Gantt - Events

Toya Harris

Matt Johns 

Alan Morris - Treasurer

Shea Needham

Paul Myers 

Sarah Parsons - Scholarship

Jeri Pitoniak

Max Robinson 

Cheron Rowe 

Lauren Swan

Jesse Trevino 

Tina Tuccelli 

Kristin Waddelow - President / Membership

Don Waddelow - Golf Tournament

Erin Young - Assistant Treasurer


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