Club Officers


The OU Club of Dallas' Officers and Board of Directors are elected by the active membership from a list submitted by the nominating committee. The Board meets once a month to conduct the Club's business. Board membership is limited to twenty-four or less Sooners (Alumni and Friends) willing to donate their time and resources to the advancement of our Club and OU's interests.  Members wishing to be considered for the Board should contact the Current President indicating your interest.


 2017-2019 Board of Directors

 Cheron Rowe:  President  

 Beth Wickman Ekstrand:  Vice President - Communications 

 Scott Deatherege:  Vice President - Governance

 Max Robinson:  Golf Chairman

 Scott Rowe: Media Director

 John Sartin

 Holle Carey: Secretary

 Gary Mallo

 Jesse Trevino:  Scholarship Chairman

 Jeff Wilson

 Brian Merrion

 Jarrett Ferguson


 2014-2016 Board of Directors:

Rick Barton 

Steve Besley - VP Governance & Secretary

Jeremy Bradford 

Scott Deatherage 

David Newman 

Roy Nelson 

Charnay Parks 

Sarah Parsons - Scholarship

Jonelle Pieterson 

Jeri Pitoniak - President 

Max Robinson - Golf Chairman

Cheron Rowe - VP Membership

Scott Rowe - Recording Secretary

Meghan Spencer 

Jesse Trevino - Assistant Scholarship

Jeff Wilson 

Erin Young - Treasurer


2012-2014 Board of Directors:

Rick Barton 

Steve Besley

Jeremy Bradford   

Scott Deatherage 

Kami Gantt - Events

Toya Harris

Matt Johns 

Alan Morris - Treasurer

Shea Needham

Paul Myers 

Sarah Parsons - Scholarship

Jeri Pitoniak

Max Robinson 

Cheron Rowe 

Lauren Swan

Jesse Trevino 

Tina Tuccelli 

Kristin Waddelow - President / Membership

Don Waddelow - Golf Tournament

Erin Young - Assistant Treasurer