OU Parents' Association

The OU Club of Dallas is proud to work closely with the OU Parents' Association!

Through the Years:
For over seven decades, fathers, mothers, and other supporters of the University of Oklahoma students have worked through the OU Parents' Association in its chief mission - to help students.
In 1938, the Dads' Association, drawing from membership dues, presented the first of thousands of scholarships given to deserving students who might otherwise be unable to stay in school. Those first 25 scholarships were for $6 each-covering a $3 library fee and a $3 student health fee.
Times have changed and so have the needs of students for scholarships. Though the number and amount of the scholarships has varied over the years, reflecting the cost of tuition and variations in receipts from membership dues, the scholarships have helped numerous students from virtually every area of the state and beyond.
The impact of the Parents' Association continues to be felt campus-wide via Mini-Grants, scholarships, campus recognition, and providing many resources for parents.

Purpose of the Parents' Association:
• To provide the parents, guardians and other supporters of University of Oklahoma students an opportunity to learn more about the organizaiton and policies of the university
• To bring about closer cooperation between students, parents, faculty, administrative officials and regents of the university
• To provide an agency through which authorities of the university may more effectively present objectives, aims and needs to the public at large
• To provide an agency through which parents may collectively organize their efforts in support of students and their educational experience

If you have any questions about the University of Oklahoma or how to enrich the experience of your student at the finest university in the nation, please contact any of the members of the Executive Committee by visiting http://www.ou.edu/parents/.



Becky Barker, Liaison to the Parents' Association - rreed@ou.edu
Marc Mandell, Current President, Parents' Association (Houston, Texas) - marcmandell@ou.edu