Officers and Directors

OU Club of Dallas 2011 Slate of Officers and Directors

If more than 50% of the Members do not object in writing to the new slate of nominated Directors by the last Board of Directors meeting of the fiscal year, the Members shall be deemed to have approved the slate and the Directors and Officers elected for the next term.  

If more than 
50% of the Members object to the appointment of any Director or Officer nominated by the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors shall reconsider the nomination of such Director or Officer at the last Board of Directors meeting in the fiscal year. If a majority of the Board of Directors affirms the slate of Directors and Officers presented by the Nominating Committee, the new slate shall be deemed approved and such persons elected for the next term notwithstanding any Member's and/or Members’ objection or objections thereto.  


OU Club of Dallas 2011 Slate of Officer and Directors


The following have been nominated to serve as members of the Board of Directors for 2011-2012

7 Terms ending in 12.31.2012 (two-year terms)

Place 1 Trae Anderson

Place 2 Don Waddelow

Place 3 Denver Brown

Place 4 Jeri Pitoniak

Place 5 Alan Morris

Place 6 Tommy Mann

Place 7 Steve Besly


Officers for 2011-12

President                  Trae Anderson

President –elect                   (TBA 2012)

Vice President Club Events                  Toya Harris

Vice President Communications                  Lance Price

Vice President Governance                  Jack McKinney

Vice President Membership                  Kristen Waddelow

Vice President Scholarship/Academics                  Katy Decker

Treasurer                  Alan Morris

Immediate Past President                    Tina Tuccelli