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Dear Alumni and Friends,

It is my undeniable honor and privilege to preside over the OU Club of Dallas Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 session.  Our Board of Directors is full of exceptional and passionate individuals who are excited about maintaining and building a lasting relationship with our Dallas-area alumni, friends, students – current & future, and the University of Oklahoma. Our alumni organization is available wherever you are or whatever phase of life you are in. The Board of Directors and myself find that staying in contact with our alumni is a must in this ever changing social media society. We encourage all Sooner alumni and friends to use our OU Club of Dallas website to become a member.  Stay connected to current alumni and events in Dallas as well as on the OU campus via the OU Club of Dallas Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

As having served for the past four years on the OU Club of Dallas Board of Directors, I am able to say that we are doing more than ever to increase the amount of scholarship awards made to Dallas-area students. Alumni participation in events is at an all-time high with Sooner Watch Parties, Golf Tournament, Sooner Send Off, various social/cultural events throughout the year, but nothing comes close to Beat Texas Weekend! It is a rivalry that the sporting world cannot deny as one of the best and to be a Sooner in Dallas during this weekend is second to none. Giving your time, talents and/or financial support, helps ensure that a qualified Dallas-area student will have a chance to have amazing experiences as we had as OU students. Career networking and providing an internship/job opportunity shows your belief in the potential of a University of Oklahoma degree.

I encourage you to become active with the OU Club of Dallas as we have numerous and exciting activities to offer. There are various ways you can participate in the continued success of the University such as attending OU Club of Dallas events, cheering for our teams, staying connected via social media, and certainly with donating time and money to aid current and future Dallas-area students. If you have not been involved lately or ever before, please take a look on our website or social media pages.  You may find opportunities and/or events that will deepen your connection with your Sooner family.

Thank you for your continued support of the OU Club of Dallas. Please do not hesitate to connect with us via email or our social media pages.

Norman is where we became a family and Dallas is where we call home.

Boomer Sooner,

Cheron Rowe

President – OU Club of Dallas