The Baker Family Scholarship

The 2016 Baker Family Scholarship recipient is Pete Hamrick.

Leo Baker was the 4th president of the OU Club of Dallas in 1955. He was a part of the committee that first suggested that the Club initiate a scholarship; as a result his committee developed an athletic scholarship. Leo was part of the athletic recruiting arm of the Club - he recruited football players in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for Bud Wilkinson.

The Baker family legacy continued with Leo Baker's daughter, Pam Baker. Pam followed in her father's footsteps as a formner member of the Board of Directors for many years serving as Vice President - OU/TX Weekend and Membership.

The OU Club of Dallas is excited to introduce you to Pete:

Name - Pete Hamrick 
High School - Jesuit College Preperatory
OU major - Finance

After high school graduation I plan toI am going to be working at Jesuit helping the athletic department with their summer camps throughout June and part of July. Additionally I hope to go on vacation with my family before it is time to head up to Norman in August.

I chose to attend OU because: Oklahoma has always been one of my favorite schools since I was in elementary school. All of my friends were Texas fans but I stuck true to OU. When visiting the campus for the first time, I loved the buildings and the layout. It just made sense to me how it all was organized and I really liked that. After my acceptance in the fall, the scholarships through the university made it that much more tempting and definitely dragged me more towards OU. Finally after I heard back from the other schools I applied to, the choice to go with OU was clear to me and I am beyond excited to start this fall.




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