Where yOUr Money Goes

Since 1948 the OU Club of Dallas has been giving back to the University thanks to yOUr generous support.

From its inception in 1948 to present, the OU Club of Dallas has been fortunate to have the overwhelming support of its members, alumni, friends, supporters and guests who support the Club and the University.  The OU Club of Dallas is pleased to support Dallas area students and their families by providing academic scholarships.  Since 1988, the Club has awarded over $795,000 in academic scholarships benefitting over 275 students.  

 Academic Year

 Scholarship Dollars Awarded

 2020-2021 $55,000 
 2019-2020 $135,000 
 2018-2019 $75,000 









In addition to academic scholarships, the OU Club of Dallas has contributed $336,268.00 to the University of Oklahoma between November 1978 and February 2017.  These gifts have benefitted multiple colleges, academic units, University departments, the Athletic Department and the OU Alumni Association.


THANK YOU for your outstanding commitment to OU's faculty, staff and students.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!